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Ever wanted to be able to control every function in your home from the comfort of your iPad, cellular phone or laptop?


So many of us travel extensively, whether for business, pleasure or pure necessity. We have homes here in Portugal, and abroad. 

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But imagine being able to control your airconditioning unit in your home from a thousand miles away, while you're on the Underground, about to go to the opera. Or set your heating / airconditioning units 20 minutes before you're about to get home, and even run your own bath, while lying in bed. You could even turn on the kettle, or open and close the shutters in your son or daughter's bedroom. There are endless applications tailor-made to suit your lifestyle.


And best of all, imagine being able to do this on a budget. You don't have to be a millionaire to have this luxury feature at your fingertips.


Help protect and manage your home from the comfort of your tablet, pc or smartphone.

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