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Installing high efficiency heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment has resulted in utility bill savings for consumers over the past few years. However, what many do not realize, is if this equipment is not properly maintained, the efficiency of the unit drastically decreases. Not only does this increase your utility costs, but also decreases the life expectancy of the equipment.


Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is engineered to bring a specific CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air through the system for it to function properly. Dirty condensing and evaporator coils, as well as dirty filters, reduce the CFM of air running through the unit. When this happens, efficiency decreases and the life expectancy of the unit decreases.


The average life expectancy for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment should be 15 to 20 years. If your equipment has incurred major malfunctions within the early stages of its life, it is a sign that the equipment is not being maintained properly, costing you money.


Along with a shorter life expectancy, unmaintained or poorly maintained heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment can impact your home or companies bottom line. HVAC equipment represents at least 15% of the building owners operating and energy expenses. If the HVAC equipment is poorly maintained, the costs rise exponentially as the efficiency of the unit decreases.


We have developed a maintenance programme that has allowed our customers to get the most out of their HVAC equipment by decreasing operating expenses and extending the life of equipment.


Remember, HVAC equipment functions much like your car. There are numerous parts that need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is running properly. If you don't take your car in for scheduled maintenance, you will have major repairs, costing you money and causing a high degree of frustration for you, your home, employees or customers. 

Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up,

Full Service

We perform an hour, to an hour and a half precision tune-up and professional cleaning, including the following procedures:


  • Steam cleaning - germ and mildew removal

  • Anti-bacterial spray to disinfect indoor coils, fan and filters

  • Clean or replace air filter, where applicable

  • Inspect fan blade and steam blast clean

  • Hydro pressure wash outdoor & indoor condensor coil

  • Blower motor - measure amperage and voltage for proper operation

  • Monitor refrigerant (freon) level and recharge if necessary (this is extra per KG)

  • Silicone spray on PCB's on outdoor unit to protect from environmental damage and sea air

  • Thermostat - test for proper operation, calibrate and level where applicable.

  • Compressor - monitor, measure amperage and volt draw if needed.

  • Bearings - inspect for wear and lubricate (if accessible)

  • Inspect indoor coil (if accessible) in dusted systems

  • Confirm proper return air and size in ducted systems

  • Safety devices - inspect for proper operation

  • Electrical disconnect box - inspect for burnt connections and wires.

  • Electrical wiring - inspect and tighten connections

  • Test/Inspect contactor - for burned, pitted contacts where applicable.

  • Inspect and test capacitors on older model ac units

  • Inspect service valves - for proper operation

  • Measure supply/return temperature differential

  • Inspect (accessible) duct-work for energy loss

  • Check unit for isolation pads

  • Inspect suction line for proper insulation

  • Check lines and fittings with freon leak detector when freon very low.

  • Advise on leak repair steps and procedures

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